Home, sweet home

I think I found the value of being at home.
 Hallo ihr Lieben!
The one thing I have learned during my journeys in the past is that no matter how good they were; there is no place like home.
I have always been a very enthusiastic traveller, even from a young age. I cannot remember ever being overly homesick or nervous before a trip, I always took every opportunity I could get for a travel, which was probably more stressful for my parents than for me a lot of times. My first trip alone was with my best friend at the time (who is still my best friend to date, by the way!) and we went to a horse ranch, about one and a half hours from home for a week. I must have been about eight years old back then and probably had a great time, since I went to visit a new friend I had made there about one day after I got home for three days. So you see: no problem with homesickness.
When I got older, the journeys got more daring and exotic. I went to a lot of new countries with a lot of different people, recently having been to Portugal with three of my best friends. But no matter where I go and no matter how much fun I have, there is this feeling of being home I just cannot miss and which will always have me seek my home. The sense of  domesticy when you just drove across half of Europe back to your country and hear the people talking in your language for the first time in weeks is overwhelming and I also find myself just thinking ‚mine‘ when I drive through my entirely boring yet entirely charming hometown for the first time after a holiday.
The strongest sense of domesticy, however, is understandably in my family house and even more in my bedroom. The feeling of lying in your own bed is the most relaxing thing in the world and really does not compare to any beaches you could ever lie on. So, I am definitely feeling my ‚home, sweet home‘.
The pictures below were taken by my cousin Sophia and me on a field just about five minutes from my house. It’s all about finding beauty in your backyard. What I love most about the photos is probably the fact that you can almost feel the warmth of this early summer evening in mid-july, can almost smell the grass around you, can almost hear the soft wind moving around…



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