Hallo Münster!

Münster is lovely!

Hallo ihr Lieben <3

My past few months were so full of things happening and there is so much change coming up for me that I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed for a while now. I still have a lot of stuff to do but I’ve decided to just take a little time to sit down and catch up on what’s been going on. There are so many things I really want to post (some things even as old as my time in OZ) because this blog really is a diary for me and I love looking back at the posts I’ve made.

This post is about me visiting my bestie Phoebe from Australia in Münster, where she’s studying at University right now. I’ve visited her in June but it already feels like a lifetime ago. I remember us talking about her Uni, the subject she’s studying and how much she’s liking it and I’ve ended up studying the exact same thing as her, if at a different Uni. I will probably talk about that more in-depth if I ever end up having time!

You might remember the living, breathing sunshine that is Phoebe from some of my Australia-Blogposts from last year. It’s not always easy staying in touch with all the lovely friends you make while traveling but thank god it worked out for her and I. I’m really bad at texting people back and staying in touch via Social Media, but with her it works for us to just see each other regularly. It feels like we’re the same person everytime we hang out and I love spending time with her. She came to visit me in May and we were able to schedule another meeting just the month after which was lovely. I got to meet her friends and she showed me the gem of a city that is Münster.

Phoebe’s apartment is right in the middle of the pedestrian zone which made it easy for us to walk everywhere. We went on a boat on the Aasee, which is a big lake in the city and to lots of different cafés. They also have a very cute and quite large market where you can spend a lot of time strolling around and buying flowers. You can also try out a lot of the food that is up for sale! In the evening there was a Open-Air-Concert by the artist Passenger. It was nice even though I sadly only knew one song (Let her go!) but I still enjoyed it.

Carry <3

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