A first glance into autumn fashion

As autumn is slowly but surely arriving (which makes me very happy by the way, autumn is by far my favourite season!) I thought I would give my first autumnial outfits a try!

Hallo ihr Lieben!
This year’s summer in Germany was an absolute up and down when it comes to weather. It has reached absolute record highs up to 40°C but there were also times when it was so cold that you had to wear a sweater. We are currently having one of the colder downs again which puts me really into the mood for my favourite season: autumn!
The colours of the two looks I have put together mainly consist of dark reds and blacks, which are my favourite colours for autumn season. I also have tried out some new trends and materials I have never tried before, but I will get to that later on.

The two looks that are featured in this post mainly consist of a very successful Forever 21 order which I made not long ago, so most of the pieces should still be available.

Look Nr. 1

When I first ordered the key pieces to this look, I immediately had this whole outfit in mind and I really couldn’t wait for my order to arrive. When it finally arrived, I was happy to see that it looked just as good in real life as I had imagined it and I have worn the outfit about three times since I have ordered it!
My whole look is from Forever 21 (besides the bag, which used to be my granddad’s) and I have ordered there very recently so most of the stuff I’m wearing should still be available.
The dress is extremely cute and reminded me a lot of Blair Waldorf (probably because of the cute collar!). It is very light but somehow you don’t get cold very easily due to the material. It feels a little bit like polyester or something similar to that but not the weird material that makes you sweat. It is really comfortable and I really enjoy wearing it because it is loose and not too short but the black belt that came with it still gives you a nice body shape.
I have been searching for the perfect black hat for a really long time now. What really caught my eye on that one is the silver detailing that makes it look very cool and unique.
Shoes & Stockings
The shoes are simple black boots with the cute detail that the shoelaces are so long that you can wrap them around your lower legs a few times. The stockings are the first pair of overknee socks I have ever owned. I used to not like overknee socks at all but somehow this has changed a lot during the past months so I just decided to give them a try and turns out I really like how they look.
The bag is a black (and very old) handbag that used to belong to my grandfather and was given to me by my grandmother a few years ago. I have always been very careful with it so that I wouldn’t accidentially ruin it or anything so I’ve just recently started using it from time to time.
Look Nr. 2
This second look is all about the dark red suede dress. I really like this outfit because it is very easy to tone up and tone down with different accessoires. The look I’ve been going for in this post is a little bit more elegant but not too overdressed, maybe for a nice dinner or a casual evening out with your friends. The only problem I have been faced with is the material of the dress, I have experienced suede to be really difficult to wash and dry without the material getting weird. I’m still working on that though :)
The dress is by Forever 21 as well and even though suede is a huge trend this season, I’ve never gotten myself to buy an item of it. This dress really caught my eye though and I could already see myself styling it many different ways. The colour is a dark red (not that visible in most of the photos, the closeup resembles the actual colour the most) and is cut very nicely. It has a turtleneck which is a nice balance for the shorter cut bottom and I think that it gives you a very nice bodyshape. It looks a little 70ies inspired to me, so I could see myself colourblocking the dress with a thick, dark orange cardigan or taking it easy with thights and boots. Either way, I am sure the dress will look great.
The shoes are by a website called Sacha and I’ve ordered them about a year ago with a discount due to Glamour ShoppingWeek. I still love them because they are crazy comfortable and really unique looking with the chain details on the sides.
I hope this post has given you a little inspiration for the upcoming autumn fashion! Have a nice weekend, Carry :)
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