A day in my style: Lisbon

I finally have time to start posting the photos of my trip to Portugal!
This first posts is all about one of my favourite summer outfits.



missguided (Sold out, similar style by the same brand here and here, similar material by the same brand here)
H&M (original here, similar style by the same brand here and here)
H&M (original not available, similar colours by the same brand here, similar style here and here)
Shorter necklace: 
Hard Rock Cafe (not available online)
Longer necklace:
accessorize (original not available, extremely similar by the same brand here)
Birkenstock (‚ARIZONA‘ in black)
I wore this outfit on one of our first days in Lisbon. It was extremely hot so a light dress like this was really necessary! The dress is the first non-shoulder item I own (I guess it is called ‚Carmen‘-Style?) and I got it a few days before my vacation. I happened to really like it because it is super comfortable but I still felt very well dressed throughout the day, which is always very nice :) I also love the detailed pattern of the dress. I am always very careful when it comes to white lace (I sometimes think that it can look a little bit old-fashioned) but I loved it on the dress!
The sunglasses were more of an emergency-buy because I had forgotten my own sunglasses at home. I got them on sale in an H&M shop in Lisbon for about 5€ which was very cool. You can’t really see it in the pictures, but the actual glasses are very mirrored and tinted in a cool blue and purple style.
I have owned my bag for a very long time now. I bought it when I went to town with my Mama a few months ago and it has been one of my go to fashion pieces ever since. I love the boho-esque vibe style and it reminds me a lot of Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars, who is one of my biggest fashion inspirations, because of the fringe details.
The shoes are probably the comfiest pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned. I used to hate Birkenstock’s and thought of them as one of the biggest fashion no gos, but bloggers like sincerelyjules managed to change my mind about them and made me give them a second chance. I now think that they can look very cool and chilled!


I also loved the outfit my best friend Jana wore that day, so I thought I’d post a few photos of that as well :)
Janas Instagram: @jana.s97
I hope you have a lovely week!
Love, Carry

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