Sometimes you’ve just got to listen to strangers.

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I found something I’m sure I’ll keep today.

It was a letter from, as it turned out later, a guy called Luke to no one in particular yet it ended up being for me particularly.

The letter was one of about five or ten or maybe fifteen, pinned to a wall and scattered across the ground in front of a little DIY store in a side lane of Melbourne.They were packed in paper bags, all in different colours and I chose a white see-through one that was covered in silver glitter, the words fadingly visible. Black ink on white paper, they read „Dear You“.

This letter was for me.

Luke talked to me as if I was an old friend. I wish I could just take a photo of his letter and post it online but it somehow feels way to intimate to be shared like that. It’s a personal secret, told between Luke, I and whoever picked up one of his letters from the road. Stressed business men? Buzzing musicians? A boy in love, a kid on their way to school?

Luke is part of a band. His friends are moving, Liz to Sweden, Danny to America, Anna to the Netherlands and Luke finds himself still in Australia and jealous. He wants to be roaming, he wants to be experiencing and he wants to be excited again.

My life over the past few months has 100% been a life I have deliberately chosen. I live in this country I’ve desired to go to for ages, I’ve met friends for life and I’ve found this family that I could easily call my second family. The one thing I’m really struggling with at the moment is the number one thing that no one tells you about travelling though: you will never stop saying goodbye.

Leaving Germany was so hard until I finally did it. I’ve made friends all over the globe that I had to say goodbye to that I will see again in a few years at earliest. And I’ve grown to love the three little humans that were my host children so much. Leaving them was a total heartbreak.

What I decided to focus on though, as cheesy and ridiculous as it sounds, is finding little things that will make me happy even though I’ll always miss people and I’ll always fall back to being without any motivation sometimes.

It might be falling in love with strangers and watch them become your friends, people holding the door for you, bright smiles that show the teeth, people asking for you wellbeing. I try to focus on that.

I had to move halfway across the world to realize your happiness does partly, but not solemnly, depend on your surroundings but ever so much on your outlook of life. Luke and I are in a similar position, with his friends leaving him and me leaving my friends behind. And I decided to take inspiration in him and find my happiness the same way as I found Luke.

You’ve got to make an effort and let go and open yourself for what is around you.

Who knows, you might even find a letter from Luke along the way.

I really wish he would read this.

Love, Carry <3


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