Winter in Germany

Hey! :) 
So it looks like winter has finally reached Germany! Until the second day of Christmas it literally felt like autumn around here and it was so warm that you could walk around outside with your jacket left open. Then on the second day of Christmas it suddenly got really freaking cold and it has been snowing nonstop the whole day yesterday. This was why my best friend and I decided to take the opportunity and take a little walk outside and of course I had to bring my camera with me as well! Enjoy! :) 

I can definitely say that even if I feel like my hometown is very boring most of the time, I absolutely adored it today. The whole city is surrounded by a lots of forest so you can always find a calm place if you want to relax or be on your own. The weather today was so awesome that almost all of the photos I took turned out great so I didn’t have to use a filter or photoshop. :)

She kind of looks like an angel in this light… 

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