What October has in store

Hallo ihr Lieben!
I’m back with a new Blogpost that, for the first time in, well ever actually, doesn’t consist of photos or a recap but just a little bit of talking and catching up. I’ve been thinking about whether or not I wanted to make a blogpost like this but hey, if I want this blog to be a diary that 80-year-old me will force all of her grandchildren to read while talking about those ‚good old days‘ I’m going to have to keep up.
I have finally figured out what I want to study at University and even where I want to do it. I am super confident that I want to study photojournalism because I can’t really see myself majoring in anything else but I am still very scared of my Job chances later in life. I have been at an Info day from hosted by the Uni and I haven’t felt as passionate in months as I have on that day. Fotojournalism is basically your subjective approach on a topic of reality. It’s what my favourite photographer Mads Nissen is doing and he has been one of my biggest inspirations ever since I can remember. What I love about photojournalism is that it hohes the photographer the actual possibility to make a change in the world, be it by helping the people that are being photographed or the people watching your work by making them aware of what is happening in, for example, the critical situation you are photographing. You are going to have to travel a lot and it is all about the people you meet and as much as I love and want to do exactly that it is also what is scaring me about the job. It is very rare for fotojournalists to actually have a secure job, it is mostly you photographing a matter and if you are lucky a magazine or a company are going to buy your photos. I am sure that I am going to try my hardest to meet the super difficult expectations and be accepted at the Uni after my gap years!
Some other very exciting things that are going to happen this month:
I have finally seen my favourite band live last week (Fall Out Boy on their AB/AP tour <3).  I have been waiting to see them live for ages and when I heard that they are having a tour stop very close to me I knew that I had to go! My friends and I had to buy our tickets super last minute because we didn’t know if we would be free on the date and I was super sad and nervous that I miss the opportunity to see one of my absolute favourite bands live. Turned out we did have time and we even managed to get one of the last set of cards so I was incredibly excited for that! The concert itself was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. The band is absolutely amazing live and the energy at the gig was awesome.
We were pretty late to arrive at the concert because one of my friends had to work in late so we were not the first in line to be at the front of the stage but we thought we had gotten really good places nevertheless. Turned out we weren’t exactly wrong :D The hall was built in a way that it has seats on the sides and a really big place in the middle for people who want to stand. We stood in the middle right in front of something like a detached space where the light and camera staff had their equipment. There was also a small stage in that space but I didn’t really put much thought into it. We were really happy with our places because despite being really small we could see the main stage really well. That was until 5 minutes before Fall Out Boy entered the stage four incredibly tall and very rude guys decided to stand right in front of us so I could literally see nothing but their shoulders. We had a little conversation with them (literally: „Hey, can you still see the stage if we stand here?“ – „Not really…“ – „Sucks for you.“ I am not joking.) and then they spent the rest of the concert either texting or covering their ears with their hands. My friend Jana was super disappointed by then and she looked like she was close to tears as well. It had been also been getting more and more cramped as well and I’m not the best with tight crowds so Jana and I were just about to leave to the sides when I turned around and saw that the staff had started to prepare the stage literally one meter behind us with acoustic guitars and microphones. Then the room went dark and Patrick, Pete and Joe came up on the stage right in front of us to perform Immortals and Young Volcanoes. By the time I made eye contact with Patrick, I was already crying happy tears, just as much as my friends beside me. I still cannot believe that I was close enough to literally see their sweat dripping to the ground (what a lovely graphic image for you!). The concert is definitely something that I will remember for centuries ;)
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Another thing I am really happy about is that my friend Leah and I are going to London at the end of October! This whole month is just one big pile of last-minute-screw-it-decisions and so was the booking of our trip to London. I am really focused on saving up money at the moment since I am going to pay for every travel (and me moving to a different continent!) in the next two years all by myself. I’ve been working and saving for over a year now and I’ve been working a crazy lot since my graduation. It has gotten to the point where I will feel really guilty if I’m spending money because I may need it in the next few years but now that we’ve booked the trip I feel like a time out was exactly what I needed. We are actually going to visit one of my best friends, Lena, who has moved to Wiltshire in early September and who I’ve been missing a lot. We also managed to get last minute tickets for Danisnotonfire’s and Amazingphil’s tabinof tour stop in Cardiff which I cannot quite contain my exitement about. I’ve been watching and loving them since 2012 and actually seeing them live and maybe even meeting them is an absolute dream come true.
My mum and I are also going to Weimar for a weekend as a very late birthday present from her to me. We had been talking about going to Weimar since I was there last October and it’s really nice to not only see the city again but to also spend some alone time with my mum!
As for blogposts, I feel like I am finally finding my creative spirit again! I feel like I had a little downtime when it came to inspiration and creativity during the last weeks, no matter if in crafts, photography or fashion but I think I’m getting back on track again. With autumn approaching I just find so much inspiration in the nature and colours that I find myself taking tons of photos!
I hope your October was/will be great! Is there anything you have planned?
Love, Carry <3

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