There are these things called Northern and Southern Hemisphere
that set the time for the seasons and that are the reason why it’s getting summer for my family and winter for me.
I feel like you can’t really call it ‚winter‘, because after all, it’s still Australian winter with the people shivering at 18 degrees (I mean, I do too but I’m always cold so it doesn’t count)!

Living so close to the beach means for me that I’m going there almost every weekend now –
I’ve done unbearably hot (feeling dizzy at La Perouse because I was being late again (surprise, surprise), had to run to the train station and ended up forgetting my water, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and towel – my beach day was as good as you’d imagine it to be) ,
cold (Bondi Beach last weekend – was supposed to be sunny and was not at all, made the questionable fashion choice of not bringing a jacket because it didn’t look cool with my dress (don’t judge, I have hated myself enough for that) and ended up wearing my friend’s bright green ‚GO IRELAND‘ jumper over my blue tye dye dress while still shivering. note to self: don’t rely on Sydney’s weather report),
stormy (went to Newcastle for the weekend because of its ‚beautiful beaches and great opportunities to surf‘, ended up spending the weekend in a thunderstorm with 15 degrees outside. tried to go to the beach one time, ended up loosing my glasses and my newspaper got blown away) –
but there were a few times where the beach was just perfect and Bronte Beach was one of them.

I was going to meet Anne at Bronte because she wanted me to take photos of her new tattoo – which is incredibly cute and ridiculously her – and ended up making it almost in time for the sunset.

It was the kind of sunset that just makes you overflow with love for everyone and no one in particular, that makes your skin tingle and makes you smile in a way that makes you feel something.

That colours the sky pink and makes you realize that Oh maybe I am small and maybe that’s okay.

It made me feel a lot like the last specs of summer, even if not my summer, because for real, that will forever be barefoot on the streets and warm days in the woods, but still like something that could give me a second definition of summer. Because I kind of like having sand in my face, salt in my hair and goosebumps on my arms. Sometimes too much is just enough.

It felt a bit like I was taking these photos with love which makes me sound ridiculous but maybe you can tell what I mean when you look at them.

Sooo… I’m going to go back to shivering in autumn and you go back to what you do best depending on where you live (kudos to my family in Germany, what does snow in late April feel like? :D)

I love you all very very much!

Carry <3

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  1. Beautiful post, beautiful pictures. In Melbourne they have four seasons in a day, and I think this can happen in Sydney and surrounds, too! Luckily, winter is only a three month pain, we’ll be back to normal soon!

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