Pancake Recipe

Hallo ihr Lieben!
Today I thought I’d show you my pancake recipe :) 
I know that a lot of bloggeres already have posted their recipes but I thought I’d show you mine aswell because there is one thing I really like about it: It contains no sugar, which means that you can eat it with basically any topping that you like. When I make pancakes in the morning, I usually eat them with sweet things like Nutella, strawberry jam, maple sirup or fruit salads. When I eat it for lunch or dinner I really like to add cheese or vegetables, for example tomatoes. 
Down below I have added some examples of how I like to eat these pancakes. Enjoy! <3

The recipe (in grams and litres)
250 g flour 
(I usually use spelt or wholemeal flour because it is a bit healthier, but you can use ’normal‘ wheat flour as well of course)
3 eggs
25 g butter
3/8 l milk 

I made these pancakes with my best friend. As you can see, hers is with Nutella, mine is with maple sirup and we both added some blueberrys and rasberrys.

This is the one my brother ate and it is with cheese. If you add the cheese while the pancake is still in the pan, it will melt a little which tastes super delicious. 

These last ones are rolled up so you can’t really see the toppings, but the left one is with homemade strawberry jam and the right one is with Nutella and bananas.
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