Dots & Chelsea Boots / Autumn Outfits

I was feeling super cute and british today in this outfit, so I decided to show it to you!

Hallo ihr Lieben!
As autumn is approaching (I cannot wait for it!) I am finally able to whack out all of my favourite clothes and get a bit daring when it comes to fashion again. Knowing me, it will probably only be so long until I am going to upload a full on blogpost dedicated to my love for autumn (FAVOURITE.SEASON.EVER.) so I’m saving that for later but I can already start praising the amazing fashion possibilities that come with chilly weather. Be it sweaters, layering, thighs, knee socks, autumn definitely gives me the motivation to get more daring with my fashion. It’s like that for makeup as well, the colder it gets, the more fun it gets to whack out dark shades of lipstick and dramatic eyeshadow. This may also come from the fact that you won’t have all of your makeup running down your face from sweating as soon as you leave the house anymore, though.
Be as it is, this post will definitely not be my last post on autumn fashion which I am very excited about.
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or just happened to have scrolled through my fashion tag, you may recognize the playsuit I am wearing from one of my outfits I wore in Paris last year. (I just noticed that I have very few posts on fashion and outfits, so there is one more reason to post more outfits!) Funny enough, I haven’t worn this playsuit after my trip to Paris a single time until today. It’s not that I don’t like it, I really do and I have often found myself contemplating on wearing it, it’s just that I am sometimes not that happy about the tayloring of it as I think the placement of the pockets give my hips a really weird shape. Having talked to my friends about it, they have been encouraging me to wear it either way so I guess the weird shaping problem may have been a feature of my overly critical analysing of myself. The blouse I am wearing is actually one that I used to always wear on my first job as a waitress and that I had bought just for that. I don’t work at said restaurant anymore so the blouse just wandered to the back of my closet during the summer months but I really like it for layering, for example underneath dresses or sweaters.
I bought the shoes just today and I absolutely love them. I have been thinking about getting Chelsea boots literally for years now and when I went to the store earlier today and saw that they were sold in this gorgeous burgundy colour I just gave in and bought them. Same goes for burgundy oxfords from the same store but I will probably make a seperate post on the shoes because I am really excited on how I am going to style them.
The shoes have been bought just in time because I will definitely be bringing them on my trip to London next month. The whole outfit reminded me of the „typical“ cute, polished and british style that I love a lot, especially during fall, so I might wear this one or a similar one in London. I will probably make a blogpost on this one as well so stay tuned for that!
I hope you are having a great week and have time to enjoy the last rays of warm sunlight!
Love, Carry <3


blouse: Asos – playsuit: Asos – shoes: Graceland (bought at Deichmann) – watch: Casio – bracelets: Asos, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Stradivarius


Fun fact: Taking these photos was so much work since I had to practically beg my younger brother to take them since no one else was home. Try motivating a twelve year old to go outside and take a ton of photos for you (even worse, in front of your neighbours garage), you can imagine how well that went :D he didn’t understand how I wanted the photos to be taken so I made him stand on my spot and took a photos of him on how I wanted them to look. Looking at the photos later on I cried laughing because I have never had someone stare at me as annoyed as he did in those photos :D 

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