Jumpsuit and Scarf / Autumn Outfits

A very comfy outfit

Hallo ihr Lieben!

As I’m going to London this week (and I think London is amazing during autumn) I am currently trying to figure out some of the outfits I want to wear! I love this outfit a lot and I think I am going to be wearing it when I go to Cardiff for a day. It’s one of those outfits that look super seasonally appropriate because of the colours (the yellow is gorgeous!), it is super comfy because of the shoes, jacket and jumpsuit and it also keeps you warm because of the thighs, socks and scarf.

Love, Carry <3

Scarf: Zara (available here)
Jacket: Zara
Jumpsuit: H&M
Socks: Forever21
Shoes: Deichmann


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