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If you happen to follow me on instagram (@carryxblueberry) you may have already seen some of these photos. I wanted to post them on my blog either way, mainly because parts of my family read this blog, to allow them to see some impressions of my year so far!

Hallo ihr Lieben!
Even though my phone camera quality is extremely bad, I happen to be a hugh fan of capturing random moments with my phone. They are mostly just tiny snippets I happen to see and like, like how the sun is shining through my window, a nice chair-table constellation in a café… things like that. I have posted most of these photos on my instagram account already but I wanted to make a little compilation of my favourites so far with a little more added comment on the circumstances of the photo-taking :) By the way, I had saved these photos in a folder called ‚Rot‘ (red) because somehow they all have a reddish touch!
My mum got me this book in a thrift store. I really like it even though Picasso normally isn’t my favourite painter I really like the design of this book – some of the paintings are printed out over two DIN A4 pages! What caught my eye in this situation has probably been the way the shadow fell on the floor and the book which made it look very artsy itself :) 
‚Du wirst meiner Liebe nicht entgehen‘ (‚You will not escape my love‘), advertisement by ‚Schauspiel Frankfurt‘, the cities drama and acting classes, seen on Frankfurt underground


This photo was taken more than two years ago in Summer of 2013 while I was in Cadíz with my school. The photos I had taken there were supposed to be an outfit post for my old blog, turns out I really don’t like what I wore enough anymore to post the photos! I somehow really like this photo, though. 

























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