Hello Whitsunday Islands!

I took a literal Ride To Paradise and am at a loss for words right now!

My trip to the Whitsunday Islands was one of the most unexpected experiences I’ve had so far.

It was just one of those things that everybody says is a ‚must do‘ when you’re travelling Australia’s East Coast, so I just thought my best friend and I shouldn’t miss it on our trip.

When I found myself planning our trip through with the travel agency PeterPans, my one demand was to keep it on the lowest budget possible (because honestly, most backpackers are struggeling to pay for food, there’s no place for luxuries :D).
My trip was booked by a backpacker called Simon who was very funny, very German and had travelled the East Coast himself before, the Whitsundays being his favorite part, so he told me. He carried on asking what kind of trip my friend and I were looking for and I told him we did not so much look for a party trip but more some adventures and some relaxing.

He ended up booking a trip called ‚Ride to Paradise‘ for us – two nights and three days on the Whitsundays, without telling me anything on the trip besides ‚Trust me, you’re going to love it!‘, because he wanted it to be a surprise.
Jana and I got picked up by boat from Airlie Beach and were brought to the Whitsundays, and to say we were ’surprised‘ would be an understatement.

After travelling for weeks on a very very low budget (so much Pasta, so little vegetables), the Whitsundays were a change we could have never expected.

The resort you stay on for your Ride To Paradise is a resort that, in the first place, was built for a TV show and was bought by a millionaire later on who used it as a Summer residence for a while. After he decided he didn’t need it as frequently anymore, he started renting it out to the company doing the Ride To Paradise trip.

The mansion itself was breathtaking (tennis court, outdoor baths and showers, a big main mansion, a pool, spa, table tennis, pool table and all of it being literally on the beach). Another thing was that we were treated so well by the staff who were incredibly friendly and all meals were included.
I promise I’m not getting sponsored, I just really recommend the trip to anyone who considers a trip to the Whitsundays because it was one of the best experiences of my life and all of that on our backpacker budget!

The activities we did were two days of snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef and a daytrip to Whitehaven Beach, who is amongst the Top 4 most beautiful beaches in the world (rightfully so!).
I am still not sure if I am very much of a snorkelling person and I got a little panicky under water with all the fish surrounding me, but almost all the people on our trip loved it!

Down below are some of the photos I took and I’m pretty sure if I didn’t see them right now I wouldn’t believe it.

Keep travelling, it’s so worth it.

Carry x


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