Hello Melbourne!

Little city guide from my trip to Melbourne!

Hallo ihr Lieben…

…from somewhere on Australia’s East Coast. I just arrived in Byron Bay of which I feel like it’s probably going to be one of my favorite places here! A blogpost is going to follow soon.

I finished my AuPair Job in Sydney in the first week of August and had to leave Sydney properly for the first time in almost seven months. I know I’ll keep coming back but that official Goodbye was tough.

My best friend Jana arrived in Sydney around the same time I finished my work because we wanted to travel Australia together – that plan has been in our minds for years now and it’s finally happening. I don’t really know how to describe this feeling but it really is something else.

We took a plane down on the 7th of August and went from already very cold Sydney to even colder Melbourne. I was freezing and it was raining about all of the time so my No 1 tip if you want to see Melbourne is go in Australian Summer!

The city itself was really nice though. Most people say you’re either a Sydney or Melbourne person and I feel like I’m one of the Sydney people, but I might be biased because I’ve spent so much time here. No matter what kind of person you are, Melbourne is definitely worth a trip though :)

I’ve put together a little travel guide with places Jana and I thought were worth seeing while in Melbourne. We had about 10 days in Melbourne which meant we didn’t have to rush and didn’t feel guilty if we didn’t go out one night or anything. We both felt like if you’re short on time you won’t need as many days though.

How to get there?

If you’re coming from Sydney there are busses that take about 10-12 hours (for example Greyhound). We’ve found flights that were even cheaper than the busses though (try cheapflights.com.au or skyscanner). The flights are usually cheapest during the week, really early in the morning or late at night and will only take you a bit more than an hour from Sydney. If you take one of those flights keep in mind that you need to find a hostel with a 24/7 reception so you will be let into your room.
The easiest way to get into the city for us was the Skybus that is available from the airport. It’s quite pricy but every Australian city I’ve flown into so far charged pretty high fares for getting from the airport to the city and the Skybus will even drop you to your hostel if you ask them to.

Where to stay?

We stayed in the Melbourne Central YHA. (address)
YHA hostels are all over Australia and compared to other hostels they are a bit more on the pricier side. The thing about YHA’s though is that you can be sure you will stay in a safe, friendly and clean place. If you’re just about to start your trip it’s really nice to know you have that safety.
I’ve stayed in other hostels before and will on my trip down the east coast, some were fine, some were not really.
If you don’t want to stay in the YHA I’d recommend you check whichever hostel you’d like to go to on TripAdvisor first, they are really reliable.
If you want to do YHA you can get a membership for 25 AUD which guarantees you at least 10% off of all of your stays with YHA which was worth it for us from our first hostel in Melbourne.

Also the staff was really nice and it was super easy to make friends. We’d definitely stay there again.

What to do?

I was very lucky to have friends that have lived/still live in Melbourne, so we didn’t really do much research on tourist pages and relied on their recommendations. I might be missing out on some tourist must-sees, but here’s what Jana and I did during our stay.

Eureka Sky Deck

I’m starting with my favourite thing right away. The one thing that really took my breath away was the Eureka Sky Deck. It’s on the 88th story of one of the highest accessible skyscrapers in the whole of Melbourne.
The views were gorgeous and the photos turned out great.
A little tip: Go just before dawn, so you get to see the views during daylight, sunset and then at night.
The entry was 20 AUD which is quite expensive considering you can do so many things for free but we found it really worth it.


Gallery of Contemporary Photography and Fitzroy

If you are into photography, this is your place to go. It’s in Fitzroy which is a really cool suburb already (lots of cool alternative shops, unconventional food, lots of vegan and vegetarian options) and easily accessible via tram once you’ve understood how Melbourne’s public transport system works.
The gallery itself is not super big but it features a few really cool exhibitions and interesting photos and film.
entry is free but they have a small donation box installed near the entrance.



Melbourne’s CBD is nice too. You can either take the tram which is for free in the City Center or just walk the places you want to go, which we very often did.
Melbourne’s CBD is different than Sydney’s, it looks a bit more ‚glamorous‘ in a sense, with lots of skyscrapers and beige colors.
There’s also a City Circle Tram which will drive you around and provide you with informations to the different buildings and installations. I didn’t find the tram too interesting though.

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Hozier Lane

The Hozier Lane is a lane in the middle of the CBD that I’d definitely recommend seeing. It’s completely covered in street art and my friend once said you will never find it looking the same two days in a row.

It looks like lots of the art was made by young, critical thinkers and it serves to make you think too.




The Shrine of Rememberance

The Shrine of Rememberance is very big building installed for people to visit and remember the Australian’s that died in the 1st and 2nd World War and all the other wars that Australia took part in.
It’s really informative and provides you with a lot of information on Australia’s war participation that you may not have known before.


St Kilda

St Kilda is one of Melbourne’s beaches that is really easily accessible from the City. It was not as interesting in rainy winter weather but is supposed to be very beautiful once the weather gets warmer and less cloudy, with gorgeous sunsets and walks on the beach.
I didn’t like it as much as I like Sydneys beaches, but once again, I may be a bit biased ;)

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Where to eat?

We cooked our own food most of the time, but sometimes we really couldn’t be bothered.

Lygon St

One of my favorite places to eat is the Lygon St. It’s lots of Italian restaurants close together and our favorite was Papa Gino’s, I especially loved the Spaghetti Napolitana there because I’m boring like that and Jana had a Pizza Bolognese that she really liked.



Yes! Melbourne has lots of great coffee places, for example the Market Lane Coffee. They also look very photogenic if you want to take some good Instagram’s with the slogan
‚We love to make coffee for the city that loves to drink it‘ <3


There’s definitely more things to do if you are willing to rent a car and get out of the city though.

During my trip to Victoria in April I went to the Wilson’s Promontory National Park, which you can read about here.

This time Jana, I and two people we met in the hostel took a car down the Great Ocean Road, which you can read about here.