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A Coachella-inspired festival look

As of late, I have been getting more adventurous than I’ve ever been before in terms of fashion.
I feel like this is the case because of two different factors:
1.: My fashion idols becoming more daring (and honestly, if Mitch Grassi can rock flare jeans and a midi length skirt being not that much taller than me, I can at least give it a try)
2.: not really caring about what others may think about my appearance anymore.

There is a lot more depth to it that I will probably try to explain in a different blogpost sometime in the future, but that is it for now. A few months ago, I liked what I wore but I always stayed in ’safe‘ territorium, not mixing patterns, wearing shapes that I knew would look good on me, thinking flare jeans are the devil… you know, just the usual stuff.

For this year’s festival season (Coachella… one day :D) I decided to step out of my comfort zone and opted for pattern flare pants (daring!), a very soft, fringe vest (not that daring) and a black shirt (not daring at all). My shoes are incredibly high and to be honest, I only wore them because the pants are slightly too long for me, but they still looked good with the outfit and were comfortable enough to not have me crawl back home!

What I really like about this outfit that it is absolutely fitting for the upcoming festival season (with flat shoes, obviously) but can also be worn on a normal day/night out!

I hope you all are having a lovely and daring week,

Carry <3

Hairband: Zara
Top: New Look
Vest, Pants & Shoes: H&M
Bag & Jewellery: vintage
Watch: Daniel Wellington

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