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I’m back from Newtown with my favourite #ootd I’ve worn in Australia so far!

Hallo ihr Lieben! 

I hope y’all have had a lovely week!
I had another one of my best days in Australia so far when I went to a little flea market in Newtown with my friend Phoebe yesterday. Besides everything being super cheap (from vinyl to books and clothes and jewellery) both of us also fell in love with dresses at one particular stand. Mine is the one you see in the photos below and Phoebe’s is a black sequin dress.

Newtown is very hip and young with a lot of character and amazingly individually dressed people so we thought why not and got changed into our newly bought dresses right on the street. While we went grocery shopping looking extremely overdressed I felt happier than I have in a long time. It might have been about Newtown or Phoebe or just the fact that I felt like I was finally coming back to feeling like me again with the way I dressed. I’ve always loved overdressing and Australia has given that style a more boho vibe, which I adore.

Dress: secondhand
Green dress underneath: Topshop (they have a sale at the moment if you’re interested!)
Glasses: Mango
Shoes: DocMartens
Bracelets: Secondhand and H&M

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