From above

Over the last few years I have adapted the habit of always trying to go to one of the highest points in a new city to get an overview of what it looks like. Here are a few impressions on that!

Hallo ihr Lieben!
One thing I have figured out when going to a new city is to always bring my camera with me. No matter how heavy or inconvenient carrying it around may be, I will definitely regret not bringing a camera as soon as I spot something worth capturing. One of the things I always try to capture is an overview of the city from a very high point. I took my first pictures of this kind long before I had a blog and even before I bought my first professional camera. I didn’t really realize that I was doing  it until I was looking though my ‚vacation‘ folder on my laptop earlier this day and realized the pattern. I love how different yet charming all of these cities look in their own special ways and it gives me so much wanderlust to look at these distanced photos from above (so much that I am even thinking about printing the photos out and hanging them up on my wall)! I will probably do more parts of these ‚Cities from above‘ series as soon as I travel to more places!
Love, Carry <3
Barcelona, Spain (2013)


Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain (2013)


Lisbon, Portugal (2015)


Paris, France (2014)


Porto, Portugal (2015)


San Marino, San Marino (2015)

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