Bula Waya!

Postcards from Waya!

Hallo ihr Lieben!

I hope you’re all doing well.
The constant bad weather here in Germany really has me going crazy at the moment. It leaves me reminiscing our second stop on our trip to Fiji: the beautiful Island Waya!
Waya itself was a bit similar to Kuata, the Island we had stopped on the day before. It was a bit bigger and with more people though. I was a bit disappointed with the water at first because Kuata’s water had been beyond crystal clear and perfect for swimming while Waya’s water seemed to have a lot of sharp rocks close to the beach.
I later found out that what the ’sharp rocks‘ were actually a beautiful reef, filled with amazing fish and even the occasional reef shark that we were allowed to snorkel in. Dear me.
The one thing I will probably never forget about Waya is the food. I have never eaten like that before (and likely will not in a very long time). I’ve attached some of the photos I’ve taken of the food with my phone on the bottom of this post. If you find them to be a bit blurry, that was because my hands were shaking in anticipation for eating it.
Ambre, Sarah and I also decided to have an impromptu photo shoot because really, when are we ever going to have a scenery like that again? We actually all dressed pretty much the same accidentally and ended up looking like a girl band. I’m not going to show you the Outtake photos of us sweating our make up off and scratching our 40+ mosquito bites.

Carry <3



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