Bula Nadi!

Greetings from Nadi, Fiji!

Hallo ihr Lieben <3

Those grey winter days in Germany really leave me dreaming of my last holiday to Fiji. It’s been exactly a month today since I’ve come back but it feels like so long.

Our trip from Fiji started with a 6AM flight (I know, I know) from Brisbane into Nadi Airport, the airport you fly into internationally.
The first thing I noticed was that it was incredibly humid (even in the airport) and that the mood was extremely happy, with us being greeted by a band with ukuleles singing traditional Fijian music.

We got picked up from the Airport by a driver sent from our hostel (Tropic of Capricorn) and arrived at the hostel around late noon. The people were all really nice and the hostel had a pool which was great, but even with a little preparation for the warm weather from living in Australia, none of us felt too great with the humidity and extremely hot weather.
Another thing we noticed as really inconvenient was that as opposed to most hostels in Australia, none of the places we stayed at in Fiji had a kitchen. That meant that we couldn’t cook for ourselves but had to eat out for every single meal. Even with all the food being relatively cheap it ended up really adding up and we sometimes only had yoghurts and buns we bought in a nearby shop.

 Nadi Town is different from anything I’ve experienced before. It was really hot and busy, had a lot of rundown shops, traffic and people.
In the middle of town, close to the main bus stop, is a huge food market where you can buy locally grown food, fish and vegetables such as bananas, pineapples, peppers, papayas. By the way, a traditional Fijian dish is savoury cooked bananas that is eaten like sweet potato!

A little bit out of the busy area is a traditional craft market where you are highly approached by a lot of people trying to sell you their goods – jewellery, towels, bags etc.

If you keep on walking from the craft market you will get to my favorite part in Nadi: the Sri Siva Subramaniya temple. That is an incredibly vibrant and colorful Hindu temple that I absolutely adored. The entry was really cheap and you were given a little map that explains you all of the paintings in the temple, for example the ones above your head on the ceiling. Before entering the temple, women are asked to cover their shoulders and put on a Sari which made me feel very elegant and beautiful :) You are also not allowed to take photos in the temple.

All in all, Nadi was sadly not my favorite place and no one I talked to really liked it there.
It was convenient for us to stay there for a night so we wouldn’t be really tired getting to Waya. You definitely don’t need much more time there though.

Where we slept: 

Tropic of Capricorn 

11 Wasawasa Rd | Newtown Beach, Nadi, Nadi, Viti Levu 7200, Fiji

How we got there: 

We flew into Nadi Airport from Brisbane

How to get places: 

The taxis can be fairly cheap. There are busses too but we found them quite confusing.

What to see: 

Food market, Craft market, Sri Siva Subramaniya temple

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