Bula Kuata!

Postcards from Kuata, Fiji

Hallo ihr Lieben!

Bula from our second stop while traveling Fiji in January: Kuata.

Kuata is a small island about 1 1/2 hours by boat from Denarau, which is a port near Nadi and certainly another one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had the pleasure to travel.

Right from the start, Kuata was very much unlike any place I’d ever seen. Imagine a lonely island covered in jungle and white sandy beaches and the clearest water you could think of and you’d probably find one of Fiji’s Islands.

We arrived on the Island by boat and were immediately welcomed, once again, by the staff of our resort standing on the beach and playing the Ukulele while singing traditional Fijian songs that ended in them shouting „BULA!“ (Hello!). Having jokingly been advised earlier that „No Bula, no food!“, we were all very eager to ‚Bula‘ back which broke the tension right away and put everybody in a good mood. That, and getting welcome cuddles by the entire staff.

The entire resort is built of little cottages, ranging from 8 people dorms to single rooms. Ambre, Sarah and I had booked the 8 people dorm at the same time but I must have been a little bit slower than them because they got the last two beds available in the dorm. I ended up being upgraded to a 6 bed dorm with only one person to share, so I wasn’t going to complain ;)

Our entire stay felt like a dream. Everybody was incredibly friendly and always happy which was pretty infectious. The trip was all lying by the beach, swimming in the warm ocean, hikes to a sunset point on top of a mountain and great food. I was really sad when we had to leave only a day later.

 If you’re planning on traveling Fiji, put the Barefoot Kuata Resort on your list!

Much love from someone who’s now in Germany, dreaming of Summer,

Carry <3

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