I went to Berlin and documented it.

Hallo ihr Lieben!

I am finally back with a new blogpost! I know that it has literally been about half a year since I last posted something (shame on me) but the thing about blogspot is that you cannot really post single photos that you’ve taken because it is designed to have you post a whole post with a lot of photos and text. I definitely haven’t stopped taking photos for the last six months, but if I’ve ever uploaded them it has usually been either to tumblr or to instagram.

The thing is: I want this blog to become kind of a diary for me. The next few years are going to have so much in store for me and I want to be able to document my journeys for my friends, my family and even myself (to look back on when I’m old and remember the good ol‘ times). I am setting very high standards for the future of this blog (and maybe even a youtube channel, who knows), so I’m having my fingers crossed that it will all work out the way I want it to.

Finally coming to the actual blogpost of today: I was in Berlin! I went there with my friends for a few days in May to go to a 5 Seconds of Summer concert and I ended up falling in love with the city. When we first arrived, I have to say that Berlin did not appeal to me in the slightest. I was searching for a certain kind of spark that I sometimes feel when visiting a new city that makes me know that I will eventually grow to love it. For Paris, that kind of spark was the elegance of the city, for London it was the individuality yet domesticy, for Barcelona it was the colours and the heat. It might have been from the lack of sleep from the very uncomfortable busride to Berlin, but to me it looked just grey and plain boring. It all got better when we got into our lovely hostel, though. It was located in an old school builing that had been rebuilt to now contain a youth club and it kind of felt like the perfect place for young and broke university students. We had our own little apartment with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a shared kitchen with the other guests for the four of us and I immediately felt very comfortable there. It turned out that we had only seen the, as you call it in German, ‚Plattenbausiedlung‘, which means the part of the city with the huge houses for lots of families that never look really great.
When we took our time to just wander around later that day, I grew to like Berlin more and more. In every travel recommendation I had read that Berlin is the perfect place for aspiring art students and photographers to get inspired by the work of art and I can absolutely confirm that. If you are ever in need of motivation to carry on with your creative passion, a trip to Berlin might absolutely help you. Not only the street art we saw just around every corner, the art on the East Side Gallery (people who have spray painted the remaining parts of the Berlin Wall with permission) or any of the great art galleries from young artists for which you don’t even need to pay.
Another thing that I realized was how great and individual the street style of many people is. If you take your time to just wander around the city, you may come across some beautiful and definitely less crowded parts where you can meet very nice and inspiring people.
In conclusion, our trip to Berlin was one of the best few days of my life so far and I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again, if only to visit every art gallery I can find!






One of the art galleries we visited, containing mostly the vintage photography of the artist. The building was astounding itself, but the photography was even greater. 





‚He who wants the world to remain as it is doesn’t want it to remain at all.‘



‚Hört auf Mauern zu bauen, dann hören wir auf, sie zu bemalen.‘ – ‚Stop building walls, then we will stop painting them.‘



Some of the street art that I really liked. Some of it just seen in random places, some of it seen on the East Side Gallery. 
A few impressions from my instagram:


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