Autumn vibes

Hello everyone :) 
To be completely honest with you, I never really understood why everybody seemed to love autumn so much (yes, I’m looking at you people from tumblr!)
To me, autumn has always been a super uncomfortable season with lots of rain and wind and basically a ‚I am not going to leave my house‘-mood. But somehow, this year everything is very different to what it used to be like. I actually started to really enjoy the chilly atmosphere and I am super excited for Halloween to come up soon. It may be because this year I am kind of looking at the whole situation differently and trying to focus on the nice things, or it may be because I am so stressed out with school that I am trying to make myself as comfortable and relaxed as I can while being at home and to be honest, is there anything more relaxing than lighting candles, drinking tea and taking a hot bath while it is dark and stormy outside? -Yep, I don’t think so either.
When I am not busy doing school work and reading books for my german class (Big thank you to Goethe and Kafka!) I am currently reading a lot of Thrillers and I started watching Teen Wolf again a few weeks ago. My love for Dylan O’Brien is seriously getting out of hand. I may or may not be watching ‚The Maze Runner‘ in the cinema today for the second time…
Down below are a few photos that I took that are just give me really nice autumn vibes. I have taken some of them during the last week, others are older, I think I took them last year or the year before. 
I hope y’all are going to have a great week! <3
As everyone has their chill-out-areas where they like to go to relax or just to read a book, I guess I’d have to say this would be mine :) 
By the way, if you are interested in listening to the music I like, check out my SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS!

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