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Updates written on the train to Cardiff!

Hallo ihr Lieben!

How have you been?

I am currently in England and let me tell you, autumn is probably my favourite time to visit London. Our hotel is in walking distance of the Hyde Park and we have spent a few hours of just having a walk there and admiring the beauty of the nature. It also made me really want to get a dog and take it on walks through the park!

The weather has been exactly how you would imagine your british weather to be: very cold, very einst and very rainy. We are trying to make the best of it though, all warm clothes and hot drinks.

We have been to a cinema yesterday watching Ed Sheeran’s concert tour film (which was awesome by the way, 10/10 would totally recommend :D) and decide to quickly go to Oxford Street afterwards to visit the Lush flagship store. It was just that we entered the store (and ironically, my friends and I had just been talking about YouTube) that I turned around and saw Jim Chapman walking right past me. I was so shocked that I could do nothing but stare and tug at my friends arms. When they understood exactly WHO I was staring at, they were utterly shocked as well (in the best way possible). Jim was with his wife Tanya Burr and when they walked past us, we decided to just walk up and talk to them. I can’t really remember the last time I was this nervous and they probably think I am super weird now because I was not only shaking really badly but I also forgot my name when they asked for it (why am I this way??). They were super nice though and even asked me if I wanted to take a selfie with them (which I did). I can only hope that I didn’t weird them out too much! :D

The thing about YouTubers is that watching them kind of feels like talking to a friend or sibling. It is also the reason why I enjoy watching beauty gurus like Tanya, Zoella or TessChristine so much. It feels like a genuine chat about the things you love and that make you happy. You feel like you actually get to know the person and even without them knowing you exist they can function as your role models and help you through your hardest times, no matter it that is by offering advice or just cheering you up. Finally seeing them in person and realizing that the person you have watched and admired for years is actually right in front of you and willing to talk to you is a whole different story.

I am writing this blogpost on the train to Cardiff where I am going to Dan and Phil’s ‚The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire‘ booktour.The fact that I am actually going to see them in person hasn’t really hit me yet to be honest. I first started to watch their videos back in 2012 when I found Dan’s channel through a collaboration with JacksGap. They have been my favourite YouTubers ever since. I cannot believe that after years and years of binging their videos and appreciating them so much as people, I am finally going to meet them in person. I think I may have ‚clicked‘ with their videos so much is because they aren’t perfect and don’t even bother pretending to be. I guess I will keep you updated on how the tour goes.

If Carry from the future is reading this blogpost and for some reason has forgotten her love for YouTubers I hope this post will help her remember the heroes of her teenage years!

So this was not proofread and very personal but it certainly helped me calming down and organizing my thoughts a bit. An actual post on my trip to England will follow soon! Until then I will post some of the photos a have taken with my phone.

Love, Carry <3



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