A roadtrip through Portugal: Lisbon (Part 1/2)

My best friends and I did a roadtrip through Portugal back in June. Here are some postcards!

The first part of our roadtrip brought us to Lisbon where we had booked a hostel for three nights.
Lisbon is a very beautiful city that is really nice for a little shopping spree, wandering around through the old town (you will also find some of the cutest places when you are just wandering around with no real direction) and museum visits. We only had time for the ‚Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga‘ which my friends and I didn’t enjoy that much, but I think that was because we hadn’t really informed ourselves what kind of museum it would be beforehand so we expected it to be a little different. It has a very nice little park where you can sit for a while though.
You can get from one point to the other using Lisbon’s metro system, which is really easily understandable. There is a metro running from the airport so you don’t have to take a taxi to get to your hostel (even though Taxis don’t seem to be very expensive in Portugal). If you choose a hostel, I recommend you try to get one that is either very close to the city center or very close to a metro station so you don’t have to walk all that far everyday, especially on the day of your arrival and departure with all your luggage. If you are not sure how long you want to stay in Lisbon: my friends and I had seen everything we wanted to see in the city within three to four days and we even had a lot of time for just wandering around.
A few must sees for us were the ‚Castelo de São Jorge‘ which is the ruins of a castle and has a great overview over the entire city.
We also really enjoyed taking the tram to go places.
We have seen a few advertises for art museums that seemed to be very interesting so depending on when you want to go there, you have to check which museum is open and which exhibition you would like to see.
There are a lot of parks that are lovely to just hang out at and a lot of very cute restaurants Try to leave the touristy parts when you are searching for a restaurant, we didn’t enjoy the food there as much and found some awesome (and way cheaper) restaurants in the less crowded areas.
If there are any questions left just ask me!
Love, Carry <3


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