A last get together

As a big goodbye before all going to different Universities or, even worse, different countries, my group of friends came together for a campnight.



Hallo ihr Lieben!
I feel like my life has become a series of goodbyes lately. While I was still in High School I really couldn’t wait for it to be over – the constant pressure and stress about everything used to make me so anxious and I feel a lot better now that I have finished school – but now that it is actually over and I am waiting at home to find a host family in Australia, it just feels weird. I miss the daily routine I had while still being in school (so much that I took a volunteer work experience in my local kindergarten and am now working as a waitress and also voluntary) but most of all, I miss the people I used to see every day.
Most of all, I miss my closest friends I had and will have to say goodbye to. With one of my best friends on another continent more than 20 hours away from me by plane and the other more than 3 hours away in the opposite direction, you just feel a little lost at home. Even more so because the majority of my friends will be starting University next month, all in totally different places of the country. It feels a little like a break up, only with the promise of seeing eachother again. Yet, sometimes weekly Skype sessions and daily texting just doesn’t seem like enough.
To have a last coming together before one of my friends going to England for her gap year, my group of friends decided to have a camping night on a property a little out of town. It was about two weeks ago when it was still shockingly hot outside, so camping seemed like the perfect idea… it turned out to be the first night in weeks with heavy thunderstorms and rain, so we had to pack our bags at 1 in the morning and finish the sleepover in my bedroom at home. We still had a really good time and all left with the promise of staying in contact. I know that that is not always going to be easy but I have figured that if you really love a person and both persons are trying their best, staying close to eachother will be possible. I am having my fingers crossed that it will work out for us as well.
Love, Carry






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