A fiery look / Australia Outfits

I felt like wearing a night gown for my day out… so that’s what I did!

Hallo ihr Lieben <3

I’m back today with another outfit of the day that I wore to a day out in The Rocks.
Not only is The Rocks a beautiful part of Sydney (and yes, that is indeed the Harbour Bridge making a cameo in the background), it also features cute shops,various cafés, art gallerys, Pancakes on the Rocks, which is a pancake house that tastes just as good as it sounds, and lots of photo backgrounds.

My outfit was very fiery and very bold which is exactly how I felt like that day. It was one of those days where I just felt like redefining myself through my fashion and I mean, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Jacket: EMP (my forever favourite)
Dress: H&M

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I also wanted to use the opportunity to recommend some songs that I’m currently obsessing over:

I’m Yours – Alessia Cara
This song is really cute and not your cliché love song which is nice for a change. I am also completely obsessed with basically every song of Alessia’s.

Confident – Demi Lovato
his song came out last year but for some weird reason I had never listened to it before I heard Kirstie Maldonado cover it on Bones. It’s a really song and empowering song.

Greedy – Ariana Grande
nother beautiful woman I look up to and have been adoring for years. I love her new album ‚Dangerous Woman‘ and Greedy has to be one of my favourite songs!

No – Pentatonix (Megan Trainor Cover)
Pentatonix could sing out my shopping list for me and I would listen to it on repeat for days. How convenient is it that I like this song? :D And Mitch Grassi rocks the sassy lead!

Alone – Heart
An oldie but goldie that I’ve always known the lyrics for but never the title of. I’ve recently rediscovered this one and fell in love with it all over again… I never really cared until I met you 

3 Gedanken zu „A fiery look / Australia Outfits

  1. hai carryyy! xxx
    my name is cerise lilith and i stumbbled on your blog when i was searching for my crush’s instagram name (her name is carry too!!!) . i just wanted to ask u (cos my mum’s dead chrisititian and my dad’s in canada) if i should come out. i know my crush is gay but she will defintiely see me around. i’ve never been in a relationship with a girl (im bisexual) what should i do???

    1. Hi Cerise :)
      First of all, thank you for messaging me! Coming out is a big thing and everybody is dealing with it differently. The most important thing I can tell you is: make sure you are safe. If there might be the possibility of you getting harmed by your surroundings for coming out, I suggest you wait until you are in a safe environment.
      If you are not sure how your mum might react, you could try dropping hints on her and see how she reacts. Those hints don’t necessarily have to be about yourself, you could just mention an article about a LGBT person (or in your case bisexual) you read, one of your friends coming out etc. Test the waters and maybe a conversation on the topic will start and you will be able to find out her stance on things.
      Also, before coming out try to find out what you want. A lot of people aren’t comfortable with labels (I know I haven’t been for a long time) and you don’t have to label yourself. Just keep in mind that some people might be shocked or surprised and might tell you that your sexuality is wrong. It’s easiest if you’re comfortable with yourself first so you don’t start to question yourself.
      I hope you have a supportive group of friends that will accept and embrace you for who you are. One thing I’ve learnt in the LGBT+ community: there are so many people and they care so much. You never have to feel alone and will always find someone to talk to (feel free to message me whenever you need help).
      I wish you the best of luck with your crush and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything will turn out to be okay with your parents. Christianity doesn’t necessarily mean people aren’t accepting of LGBT, in fact I’ve recently read an article about how this church in America is handing out flyers on how god loves everyone, including all LGBT people. Religions are based on love and acceptance and so is Christianity.
      Best wishes, Carry xx

  2. hi carry! its cerise and everything has happened… and i thought that it was fair that i message u back. so here‘ what happened since i messaged u.
    i took ur advice, and after a month of dropping hints my mom realised that i was bisexual and she took it okay. she said she realised me making out with a girl is equally as weird as with a boy, ik that sounds questionable, but at least she accepts me.
    there’s one friend who cut me off immediately. i’m glad she did without dealing with some much hate. she didn’t leave me a note or anything. i wonder if its cos I’m bisexual?? i don’t think so, but…
    turns out my mom is bisexual as well! she said she might’ve found the one with the librarian… or trove sivan. hopefully he’s bisexual too but i think he’s just gay LOL
    much love,

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