A day in my style: Paris

Today I am going to show you one of my outfits that I wore while I was in Paris last month. When it came to my clothes that I wanted to wear on the trip I had set myself one rule: ‚Try not to look like a tourist“, which was a little hard since we were walking around the city in a huge group of teenagers who wore walking shoes, took photos of every single monument as if their life depended on it and screamed things like „That is so impressing!“ the whole time. 

The day I wore this outfit was a day on which we had nothing to do, so me and two friends of mine decided to explore the city a little. First of all we visited Montmartre (you can see these photos here) and afterwards we went to Sephora and the Galeries Lafayette. For lunch we went to a little Crèperie and I can only recommend to you: if you are ever going to Paris try a Crèpe. I ate so many of them and not a single one was not delicious (my personal favourite Crèpe was from a Häagen Dasz shop near Notre Dame). After having lunch we kept on strolling through the city and went to a few little shops, for example Stradivarius. I had been to Stradivarius a few times in Summer while I was in Spain and if you have ever been to this shop you probably understand why I got extremely exited when I saw one in Paris. I bought the pink blazer I am wearing in my outfit there. It is probably supposed to be slightly oversized but it’s extra big on me since they didn’t have my size anymore so that I had to get a size that is way to big for me. I bought it anyway because I loved it so much :D
Going through my photos from Paris makes me miss the city a lot – I literally cannot wait to go there again. 
I hope you enjoyed todays blogpost, have a nice day! 

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