A day at Bondi / Australia 2

I went to Bondi Beach!

If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s not dressing weather appropriately. When I was checking the temperature yesterday it said it was going to be 20-24 degrees celcius which seemed fairly cold to me. I know, I know, it’s not cold. My best friend back home in Germany did the extreme thing of wearing shorts all the way until the middle of October when it was actually freezing outside because he claimed it was ‚way too warm outside to wear long pants and what am I going to wear in winter if I wore long pants right now?‘. I guess I really am the opposite of that with wearing comfy sweaters and hats whenever I can. So naturally, seen as it was a bit cloudy yesterday morning when I left the house, I opted to wear long pants again. Just wanted to clarify that right from the start before you start wondering why on earth I’m wearing long pants on the beach in Australian summer.

I went to Bondi Beach yesterday which is this super famous beach that you have probably heard about. It’s very well known for the surfing (and I first heard of it years ago because of the brand Gilly Hicks who were advertising with Bondi, shame on me) and the swimming pools that go directly into the sea. I really get the appeal of the beach, it’s very easily accessible by public transport (take a train from Town Hall to Bondi Junction and a bus to Bondi Beach), it isn’t as cut of off the city as are many of the other beaches with lots of cafés and shops nearby, they have a skateboard park, live music and cool street art there. When I went there for the first time last week, I wasn’t as excited though. There were so many people there that it was very difficult to relax and it didn’t leave this typical feeling of carefree fun that you would expect from an Australian beach. When I went there yesterday, I liked it much better. There were way less people because the weather wasn’t as nice and you didn’t have to be afraid of getting a sunburn every two seconds (trust me, no matter how high of an SPF you use, you will get sunburnt). The cloudy sky also tinted the whole beach in a sort of greyish-light blue and white beach which looked awesome.
We had sat there for a while and went out for a late lunch afterwards. I somehow keep on ordering avocado on toast as it has become one of my favourite foods and you seriously get it here everywhere. My toast was very dissappointing though because it felt like they had spilled the spiciest of their spices right on my toast and it was so hot that I had tears in my eyes and I had a cut in my lip that started burning and I really don’t know why I’m telling this story right now :D

I was also going to tell you about the art gallery we visited later but I loved that gallery so much that I decided to make a whole new post on that within the next days.

I hope you’re having a lovely day,
Carry <3

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