Camelriding in the desert / Australia 4

A new thing to tick off of my bucketlist:

Camelriding in the Australian desert!

Since I have arrived in Australia I feel like my horizon has expanded so much. All by yourself in a city that feels like it never runs out of opportunities to offer for you you start writing your bucketlist differently. It’s less ‚cinema on Wednesday and dinner on friday‘ and more ‚café on monday, beach and Mardi Gras on Saturday, camelriding in the desert on Sunday‘. As surreal as that sounds (for me most of all, trust me) this has been my last week.
On Saturday I went out to get a haircut with a friend of mine in Bondi, and all of a sudden even making friends has become easy, and afterwards we went to Mardi Gras which was so important that I will probably make a seperate post about it.

Sunday started very early and I met up with some friends in another part of Sydney around 10 minutes away from my house from where we drove up to Newcastle in two different cars. I absolutely love roadtrips so this would have been great enough as it was (especially since my friend basically owns my dream car) but it got even better after we arrived in Port Stephens after only getting lost on the way there twice :D There is a Beach called Anna Bay close to Port Stephens that is so stereotypically australian that it charmed me straight away. It was super hot when we arrived and there was so much sand everywhere that it was basically desert while still close to the beach and they had very cool offers besides camelriding such as sandboarding or quad biking.

The whole experience was extremely cool and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Camelriding is something that very few people have done in their life and while it is definitely less comfortable than horseriding, it feels so unique and I was just happy that I was able to see the desert in a ‚from above‘-way like that. It got even better when we rode to the beach and right into the water where all the people with their jeeps went surfing.

The only thing you will have to take into consideration: once you get off the camel, you will look a lot like one as well. And smell like one! :D

Anna Bay is super close to a beach called Nelson Bay so that was our second stop of the day before we drove home (with a quick stop for ice cream at a gas station, in all australian manner wearing bikinis and no shoes of course!

My best friend is taking his A levels right as I am writing this post. It’s so weird to think that I was in his exact position no more than one year ago and how my life is so different now than to what it used to be like. It feels like yesterday that I was so stressed and studying my brains out to get all those good grades and now I’m here and I get to live my dream (at least for a little while). What I’m trying to say is: do your best in your current situation but keep being open to new things. Keep exploring and there will always be opportunities for travel if you’re up for that.

I hope you’re having a lovely week and keep your fingers crossed for my friend!

Love, Carry <3

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3 Gedanken zu „Camelriding in the desert / Australia 4

  1. Hi Carry – This looks AMAZING! I absolutely have to check this out with the family. I did ride a camel before, back when I was six and visiting Morocco. I only remember how scary it was to get up and down, I thought I would fall down any minute. Thanks for the tip!

    Cheers, Silke

    1. Hey Silke :)
      Thank you! You should really check it out, especially as it’s very easy to get to from Sydney. And there were lots of people who brought their kids so you could take Felix and Lily as well!
      I know exactly what you mean with the up and down part, but other than that it was just exciting :)

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